Bộ thu nhận tín hiệu giám sát IP PARADOX IPR512-RS7 Bộ thu nhận tín hiệu giám sát IP PARADOX IPR512-RS7 IPR512-RS7 PARADOX Số lượng: 100 cái
  • Bộ thu nhận tín hiệu giám sát IP PARADOX IPR512-RS7

  • Mã SP: IPR512-RS7
  • Giá bán: Liên hệ
  • Hãng sản xuất : PARADOX

  Nếu gặp vấn đề khó khăn trong việc đặt hàng, xin vui lòng liên hệ 0902 412 774 Hoặc xem hướng dẫn đặt hàng TẠI ĐÂY.

Bộ thu nhận tín hiệu giám sát IP PARADOX IPR512-RS7
- Bộ thu nhận tín hiệu giám sát IP đi kèm với phần mềm nhận IPRS7.
- The IPR512 is a GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver, which offers high-speed supervision of up to 512 Paradox control panel accounts (each account can report up to 32 separate partitions/accounts). 
- Each of the 512 control panels can be polled for presence monitoring (supervised) at pre-programmed intervals using any of the 32 customizable security profiles providing different high to low supervision accounts.
- The IPR512 runs on a secure private operating system, which renders the unit free of any viruses. It also offers 2 Ethernet ports to receive panel events from two different Internet Service Providers. 
- Paradox IP communication between reporting panels and the IPR512 is encrypted using 256-bit AES data encryption. 
- The IPR512 supports CID and SIA reporting formats. It also offers 2 serial ports, COM1 for connecting with automation software by emulating Radionics 6500 protocol (more protocols will be added later), and COM2 for a printer or a PC to view/print events in plain text format. 
- With its built-in SD card backup, the IPR512 offers the lowest possible down time should any receiver need to be substituted. This offers great peace of mind for the monitoring stations. 
- Minimal programming is needed to be up and running, and all programming of the IPR 512 is conveniently done through a user-friendly web page. With its 19' low profile standard rack mount (1U), multiple IPR512 can be easily assembled with a low physical footprint, and together with an extremely low power consumption of 10W (reducing required power and air-conditioning expenses), the IPR512 is a perfect solution for any sized monitoring station. 
- In order to initiate the GPRS/IP reporting with Paradox control panels, the PCS100 GPRS version or the IP100 IP reporting version is required.



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